July 29, 2009

Could we reach 110 today??? Most likely!!
I am so thankful to have some air and dark curtains to keep the house cooler... But praying for my husband who is out installing windows in all of this! By noon we should be in the 90's... I do pray for his safety also because when one is hot they tend to not function well.

Went out this morning and it was already in the 70's... got the plants watered really good so that there will be no deaths in the garden. Need to do something with the kids though... they are antsy. Watching "Robots" right now and I will be making chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Need to get some reading done and will have them do something crafty for me.
I really need to get in a work out it is half way through the week and I haven't done anything like I had planned to do.

Isn't it funny how everything/one slows way down when it gets this hot... hope August and September are kind to us!

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