January 5, 2010


Everything is wet outside but the birds are filling the trees with beautiful music! This makes the day peaceful even if it is gray and the sun isn't getting through the clouds.

Ironed some of my fabric and have the baby blankets pinned together and ready for sewing.
Have a beautiful blue yarn on my hook... I would give you the exact color but for some reason can't find the label it was wrapped in... it is quit beautiful though I think you will like it.
I'm sticking to making the one scarf with scalloped edges since that seems to be the one everyone likes... Can't seem to find my book that had the pattern... it has been missing for a good while now, not that I need it to make the scarf, I have that memorized in my own way. But sure would be nice to find it for the other patterns... Have gotten a few books from the library but they just haven't been jaw dropping for me... sort of a disappointing really.

You know, as I was ironing my gorgeous fabric today I realized that I hate to cut into fabric that is just so beautiful... I'm always afraid that I am going to make something I would regret. Would love to make a skirt or dress out of part of it but then would it be worn enough... I know the skirt would. But to cut the fabric...ugh 

This is the fabric. <3

It will become something some day when I get over the fear of screwing it up when I cut into it, until then it will just be enjoyed as it is.

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stringsofme said...

I luvvvvv that fabric!!!