February 24, 2012

Day 1

Day 1 taking VEMMA
Not much to say, since I just took my first shot of vemma.  So I guess I can tell you what has been going on with my body so that in the months ahead I can keep record of the changes that happen.

Things I struggle with:

Fatigue- I get tired easily usually takes me a few days after doing activities to feel functional again.
Sleeplessness- Yup, even though I deal with fatigue, I still have issues with getting good sleep. Use to suffer from insomnia, but I fight it and think I’ve done well at keeping it
under control.
Weight issues- I’m over weight, but my weight is pretty much stuck. Could be a thyroid thing due to my family on both sides having thyroid problems.
Bone pain/ muscle pain- Anytime the weather changes I deal with pain in my bones.  Things have gotten worse in the last year.  It is almost as though I may have fibromyalgia. My flesh under my skin throughout my body feels like it’s constantly moving. It’s becoming an agitation and can be painful in my muscles. I have been having some seriously painful issues with my right hip this week, it's starting to feel better now but I don't want this to become something normal.
I have had bad knees for many, many years due to lack of fluid in the cartilage of the knee cap.
The pain in my hands makes it to where some days I can’t twist off a jar lid. I don’t see any signs of arthritis.  I think it may have to do with my shoulder muscles.
Anxiety levels- Very high lately. 

There are other little things, but I can’t pinpoint them at the moment. 

I know the first thing that will be noticed is the energy level going up. Of course it would because I just took a butt load of vitamins and minerals, magnosteen and aloe. It will take time to build up all of these in my body and I’m in no hurry. I’m just glad I’m finally able to take something I know that works.  It’s a shot glass a day and it goes down quick and instantly absorbs into the body. It rebuilds what has been lost.  I’ve tried brands and all kinds of other vitamins and such and they just don’t work. On top of that I’ve wasted a lot of money!
It will probably take about a month to start seeing and feeling changes because the vemma is good for so many things. Nothing compares to it. I have a vitamin/mineral deficiency and I know this will do the trick and when I’m doing what I need to do to take care of myself everything else will fall into place and start running the way it should again.

I will keep you posted of course. :)

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