February 16, 2012


Worrying about what people think is retarded. It shouldn't dictate your life. You are who you are and you share what you share because it's apart of who you are and if others get offended by it or walk away from your friendship then they weren't a friend to begin with.

There are so many times that people show their beliefs or interests so that everyone can see and that's fine. That is who they are and as long as they aren't rubbing it in your face and forcing you to do the same. It shouldn't be a problem.
But if you are feeling convicted by what you hear or see that is "good" than it's not their problem it is your problem and you need to get your heart right with the Lord.

Yes, there are those who are so completely offensive and pushy and sometimes they need to be removed from your life. 
We are to love the person and hate the sin. 
We don't have to put up with what they say or do and there are times where we must speak out and tell them. 

I'm not pushy and I don't want to be. I share what's going on and some may get offended or feel convicted and that's okay.



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