March 7, 2012

Day 12

Oh my goodness! The things I have been able to do this last week! Sunday was crazy, seriously cleaned like a mad women! It felt so good!
My energy level has been wonderful, I'm actually able to stand and do the dishes with out having to take a break and sit down every 5 minutes, yes, before I got back on vemma it took me forever to do anything because I literally had to keep sitting down due to pain and fatigue. No I didn't talk about this much but it happened frequently.

Anyways, yesterday I was feeling pretty sleepy all day but things got done and I didn't feel the need to sit down as much. It was a good day. Still have a head cold and it has it's ups and downs but I believe it's getting better each day.
Feeling something odd going on in my right side today... I know I have had some injury to it in the past so I'm assuming things are starting to correct themselves in my body. It does that while taking the vemma because my body is getting the vitamins/minerals it needs. No it's not my appendix. Felt something move... it could be my intestines. who knows, it's not putting me in pain or anything, it's just odd. lol
Also had to go outside in 27 degree weather this morning... usually my hip/legs/ankles/feet instantly start hurting to the point that it takes a few days to be able to move normally again. Well didn't have that this morning! 
Felt a strange feeling in my knee yesterday while sitting, but it was like my side thing, something changed, I felt it, but it didn't cause me pain and then it was gone. 

I love vemma and I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings. So glad I'm taking it again. Totally worth every penny!

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