March 2, 2012

Day 7

Not feeling good today. 
Headache and this cold or what ever I have is wearing me down.
I still feel awake and actually did three laps on my treadmill, pretty good pace... it isn't far but it's an improvement from the 1 1/2 laps two days ago. I'm not pushing myself because I don't feel good but I'm doing it. 
There will be some down days when taking the vemma because your body is working to repair the damage that's been done due to lack of vitamins and minerals. But thank goodness for the energy it brings in order for you to get through the difficult days.
I've been sleeping really sound, when I do fall asleep. It's been really hard with my husband making ungodly noises (snoring). He can fall asleep within seconds and it usually takes me a little bit due to his snoring. Last night I resorted to the couch because it was about midnight and I just wanted to fall asleep. Of course I woke up right before the kids needed to be at the bus stop! Oops thank goodness they were in a good mood, they may look a bit frumpy today but at least they were happy. LOL
So it's a rough day, but I will carry on.
Need to seriously sit down with my husband and discuss our eating habits. We've talked before, but the food thing is so hard for us. I need to k.i.s.s. (keep it simple stupid) and just start buying more fruits an veggies and a lean meat. It's so simple, but our society pushes and pushes everything we really don't need and it's hard sometimes not to get sucked into thinking we want to eat it too.
Oh to have someone come into my kitchen/pantry and replace everything with simple foods. I need a jump start and a direction. I know I have the direction it's just getting everyone else in the family on the same page.
Good day <3 

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