July 19, 2012

Why... Why Not...

Why do I struggle?
It's stupid. I'm fully capable of doing what I need to do. But the temptations are stronger it seems and I'm slowly disappearing into the depths of the sea. 
I have a reading plan to go with my bible and it's simple enough. It's a 52 week plan. And I love it. But have I committed to it? Nope.
I have a fitness app, which is amazingly easy to follow. But do I stay on track and do what I need to do to get results? Nope.
These are two simple things in my life and I just can't seem to commit. I know the outcome of doing both would be amazingly incredible.
It makes me angry at myself. And we aren't getting any younger here! 40 is just around the corner and I don't want to be where I am now. I want to see more growth or lack there of. LOL 
My family can't be my blame. What I put into the home is what will come out. But getting them on board with a new way of doing things is hard. I may be able to change myself, but it's gonna take the Lord to change the others.
Heck I need Him to help me!

Okay Lord, I know when I wake up, my day needs to start with You. And when my day comes to an end it needs to end with You. That's all there is to it. 
And this fitness thing... Well, I know I need to make the time to work out and walk more. So maybe if I do a work out in the morning and then walk in the evening. And the food in this house needs a little tweaking. 
See not that hard... Oh Lord get me going! 
I want more of your word, I want to know You more deeply.
I need to lose 60 lbs! I'm 6 lbs down... we have a long ways to go, but I know with You ALL things are possible! Even losing weight.


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Leah Peer said...

That is something I struggle with too, my dear friend. :) I know what I should be doing, and oh it is so hard to do it. I want to begin our day, always in our bibles first for school, and also spend time in it myself. And then at night, I am so totally inexplicably exhausted that I claim the last of the quiet time as my own.. in effect telling God... I will get to you later... this show is more important to me.

Tell ya what, I'm pray for you, if you pray for me... and ask me, please, if I am on track. :) I seriously want most of all for the kids to know that the day begins and ends with their relationship with the Lord. :)
Love ya sweetie!