August 20, 2012

Back for more... Why yes I am.
I'm going to start throwing things and it's not because of everyone in the house, which doesn't help, but it's me. My hormones love taking me on a roller coaster every month and it actually can be very painful. The tension headaches are a killer. And "Aunt Irma" hasn't even visited yet.
On top of all that I'm feeling extremely fat! Nothing fits right, not even the pants I wore yesterday! I've finally realized that sweats and baggy pants aren't good to wear all the time because you just become comfortable and don't even realize you are growing in size.
I just don't have the motivation, I've tried many things. It's just that everything else in my life takes top priority... will this ever change? Will I get to go workout without interruption? I don't think my body can wait until the kids have all moved out! 
I'm drowning and it's gonna kill me if I don't start losing more weight and keeping it off. 
And now I sit and watch my husband down cookie cereal in front of me... he's in bad shape too, but he doesn't care and that infuriates me too.
I just need strength and encouragement... good encouragement.   

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