October 29, 2012


Yet again we are at the end of another month. All is well as well can be. Lots going on in the world, new president hopefully next month, massive storm beating up the East Coast, real mild Autumn in the West, and the flu bug hitting everyone.

I'm so glad my body hasn't fallen apart in all the cold. Been trying to remember my vemma, which for some reason has been hard this time around. Actually started giving it to the kids to build up their immune systems. The girl and I did get sick last week, but it was nothin' compared to prior years. My middle man is sick now too but he has only had a stomach ache and nothing more Praise God!

Been crocheting, got five Ewoks done for a Christmas order and crocheted two elephants. Working on a girly robot next because someone wants to buy one and my mom brought me a kit and book so I can learn to Knook (Knitting w/ a crochet hook) So that should be fun.

Life is just moving along at record speed and there's nothing I can do but enjoy the ride and hold on tight when we hit the bumps. 
Hope all is well on your side of the fence and praying for those who are being effected by hurricane Sandy right now, may you all be safe.
Good Day!  

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