January 2, 2013

Wow, new year already.?.
Well hello 2013
The end of 2012 was a bit rude, but we made it through and can only go up from here, right?
Like many, unemployment has hit our home and so we are back to taking one day at a time. The Lord has continued to bless us with what we actually need and ever so often we get a little extra, but seems that's where we have to be, completely reliant on Him.
Flipping out and stressing isn't in the cards, it doesn't help and it's not healthy for any one around us. I don't know that the younger two quite understand because they keep asking if we can go places. haha. It's all good though, we have each other and our family and friends.
On a happy note, I started out this year with a bang and started cleaning and rearranging furniture. Got the living room finished and headed to the dining room (same room) Next I will get the bathroom done and then the kitchen. Over on FB a friend set up a ggroup for flyladies so that has been nice to have some support and encouragement to get things done. This year I'm going to do my best to keep things around here in order. I'm tired of the mess that comes from having 3 children and yes even a husband.
And being here 10 yrs, well yeah, crazy how things accumulate. 

Physically, I've been doing better. Had 4 panic attacks in the last few months or so. Ended up in the ER the first time because I couldn't kick it. But realized it has a lot to do with my hormones and the whole pre/menopause and just getting older. 

We have a teenager now! two more years another, then our last baby will be one too. And five years from now we will have an 18 yr old. Craziness. I'm still a bit excited to have them all grown up, but it's going to be weird. 

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