January 5, 2013

Need to Vent...

Just because I don't have a college degree and I don't have a "professional" whatever. Does not mean I don't know what I'm doing and don't have an eye. I'm very talented and have a huge amount of creativity flowing through this body of mine. People only ever see spurts of my talent because I'm not always given the opportunity to do more. 
It infuriates me to no end when people laugh me off in regards to being a pro at what I do or they ask me to do something and then try and tell me how to do what it was I was asked to do. 

Just give me a chance and I can fly all by myself. 
I don't know why I always allow others to do this to me. It keeps my flame small and doesn't allow me to burn all the wax around around me. I end up a sunken middle. And no one wants a candle that can't burn properly.

I'm suffocated which only makes me want to get out and go some where where I can just breathe, be myself and do the things I'm good at and love to do. Yes, I wear many hats as a mom, but I also wear many hats as an artist and individual. 

I'm tired and emotionally drained with people in general.
Yes, I guess I am introverted... But the talent that I have isn't and needs to be free to shine.

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