February 8, 2013

February and ready for Spring.
Have been busy so far this year, cleaning out things around the house and reorganizing. One accumulates a lot when one is in the same place for 10 yrs. lol
Getting the urge to buy new furniture, but I will refrain. 
My guy hasn't been working since before Christmas, but has gotten some furniture built. 
New bookshelf headboard in our room and a shelf unit for the front door to keep shoes. He also built a shelf unit for our collection of vinyls. Grateful for all the free wood he accumulated. It's saved us a whole lot!
Oh and after 10yrs we are finally making our bedroom an inviting place! Painted and got rid of the horrible dark nautical blue that's been there since the beginning. Our walls are now a nice grey in two shades. Love it and can't wait to finish the room with some decor. 

Quit coloring my hair last yr. and all my natural grey/white is showing quite nicely... Of course it's been there since my teens, I just couldn't keep up with how fast it grows. A bit more growth and I will be able to cut the last of the color off and be done. I am strongly thinking of adding strands of violet purple when all said and done. 

Aches and pains are mild, praise the Lord... I've done ok this winter. Of course I think the hot flashes have helped a lot! And taking my vemma... which I haven't been so faithful with, I'm working on it though.  LOL

I'd post a picture for you, but just not feeling it today. Hope your day is blessed.

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