January 21, 2016

Good day to you.
It's been an interesting ride the last few weeks.
I've put aside my yarn and fabric and have ventured back into the realm of painting and to top it off I've sold a couple!

Provision comes in all kinds of ways.
I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do after losing my job in November. I haven't had a full time job since 1999, so jumping into the job search pool is scary, SO much has drastically changed since the last time I search! It's strange and unnerving not being able to write out an application and speak to someone face to face.
No one wants to get to know you before they higher you anymore.
Someone's resume can look real good, but their personality and work ethics can be horrible. It's good to have interaction before you waste everyone's time and end up firing them or they end up quitting. Just my two cents.
Anyways, I've sold paintings and now I'll be cleaning someone's home and I'm taking a few minutes out of each day to take care of a dog. Every little bit helps and I enjoy doing all of it!
 It helps my family out even if it isn't much. Every bit helps!
 I will still pick up my yarn and fabric and still have some projects up for sale in my Etsy shop as well.

It's an interesting beginning of the year, but it's good and I'm thankful for all that's to come, even when days are hard I will still choose to be thankful, because there is always growth in both. 

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